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On February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine, inflicting a series of missile and air strikes on our cities, including Kiev. A large-scale invasion has been going on for more than a month (the war has been 8 years). The occupiers continue to destroy Ukrainian villages, towns and cities with cruise missiles and air bombs, killing the civilian population and causing devastating destruction to the infrastructure. From the first day of the invasion, Russia violates the rules of war and commits mass war crimes. But Ukraine does not give up. We all want peace. We all want victory. It takes patience. Still need to fight. Our heroes, our defenders give us this time. Protecting Ukraine everywhere. Wherever the enemy wants to break through. Our soldiers on the front line and those in the rear - doctors, volunteers, drivers. But it is those who are now in the rear who can help as much as possible to bring our victory in the war closer. Our Charitable Foundation "New Galicia" in this difficult time is trying to help all those in need.

On March 28, 2022, the head and members of the New Galicia Charitable Foundation organized an action to transfer humanitarian aid from Ireland (Cork). This action was consecrated by Father Roman Kravchik, Spiritual Mentor (Confessor) of the New Galicia Charitable Foundation. Help has been sent representatives of the Lviv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital "OKHMATDIT", the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Center, the Lviv City Children's Clinical Hospital,

and representatives of our Ukrainian Army (our defenders) for Military Medical Centre. All items received will be used to improve the provision of medical care, humanitarian provision, and emergency support.

Our help is at the forefront.

Charitable and volunteer activities aimed at helping military forces ATO.

Year 2014.There were a lot of changes in Ukraine. There was a revolution of dignity and began the tragic events in the East of our Ukraine. Russian military aggression was not stopped in the annexed Crimea. To protect Ukraine from the Russian terrorists held anti terrorist operation. Volunteer corps and the National Guard take participate in the liberation of the cities of the Donbass region from Russian terrorists. All citizens of Ukraine are helped for our defenders. Charity Foundation "New Galicia" also could not stay away from these dramatic events. Employees of our foundation visited the area of ATO with humanitarian aid for the defenders of Ukraine. One of the units that we have helped - was part № 3002. Here is a photo taken in the area of ​​ATO in 2014, 2015 (click to view photo):1) On the picture:"Remember of those who on the front! Help them than you can!".